5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Practice Website

5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Practice Website

Today, most people perform an online search before using any service or purchasing a product. In this world of the Internet, to grow your practice, you need to drive traffic to your website. This can happen only by getting exposure and establishing faith. More patients mean more sales and for this, you need to move a step ahead of stability strategy. Let’s see what can be done to drive greater traffic to your website:

  1. Website

To drive traffic to your website, it must be engaging so that people to stay on it and learn more about you and your practice.

Your website should:

  • Have informative content
  • Have images, infographics and videos
  • Have easy navigation
  • Have a patient portal or space to directly connect with you
  • Highlight your contact details

But there are some glitches to avoid, such as your website should:

  • Not talk just about your business
  • Not ignore visitors contact details
  • Include blogs, testimonials, contact form, work gallery, etc.
  • Have SEO specific breadcrumbs with easy navigation
  1. SEO

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is via search engine optimization. Good SEO helps your practice website and blog rank high in Google searches. The clicks will get you sustained and qualified traffic. For successful SEO, you need to use targeted keywords. A longer phrase or long-tail keyword word yields better conversions. Remember to infuse keywords in page names, articles, descriptions, and URLs. Make use of online tools like Google Keyword Planner for finding the best and high-conversion keywords.

  1. Social media

Social sites help you address millions of people, thus making it a good source of driving traffic to your website. In addition to creating an account on these sites, you need to link all these sites to your website and share your expertise in order to reach your target audience.

Also, you can run paid ads on social media platforms such as Facebook. A targeted ad campaign for specific patients will encourage them to schedule an appointment. You have the option to target customers based on their needs, location, behavior, and search history. For the younger audience, you should be active on Pinterest and Instagram.

  1. Blog

You need to present your thought-leader personality in front of your potential patients to grow trust in your practice. You should be an information resource for your target audience. Also, to get huge free traffic via content, go for guest blogging. Find other websites related to your niche to post your blog/info graphic. This will help you attract a new range of patients. For a good blog, you need to:

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  • Know your target audience
  • Pick a relevant topic
  • Do thorough research
  • Write an engaging blog post mentioning the resources

Follow blogs of influential people and post some noticeable commentary with a link that takes the reader back to your practice website. Don’t just say, “This is a great post.” Rather, post a thoughtful response that engages the reader.

In addition to blogs, you need to drive traffic via videos, eBooks or guides. Informative and original content presented in any form will expand your practice and help attract potential patients. Talk more on topics related to your specialty as opposed to generic health tips. Keep the language reader-friendly or something that’s easy to understand for a layman.

Remember to use the appropriate keywords to help your content strategies rank higher on search engine results, offering better conversions.

  1. Forums and contents

For new people to know you, participate in online health forums. A good and useful response will attract patients to your website to learn more about you, subsequently bringing more patients to your practice. This grows trust of people present on the forum in your specialty.

Also, you can conduct online contests and offer prizes. This will delight your existing patients, thereby building a long-term relationship, and attract new ones to visit your website in search of such incentives.

Increased website traffic can get you better conversions with a lower bounce rate and an amazing online reputation. Do proper research to get market insights that can be applied to your practice website. Whether paid ads or free methods such as including your web link in an email signature, you should not ignore any option of attracting patients to your website. And finding relevant content on your website will help you get word-of-mouth marketing via existing customers. For any assistance, feel free to reach out to mypracticereputation.com.


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