6 Spring Marketing Ideas for Physical Therapy Practices

6 Spring Marketing Ideas for Physical Therapy Practices

With the winters coming to an end, the aches and pains associated with chilly weather can mean additional revenue for your physical therapy practice, but only if patients know that you treat chronic and acute pain. You must begin your springtime marketing campaign by the end of February and continue through the end of May.

Also, spring is when many people start hitting the gym or exercising. Promoting medication for stiff joints and other chronic pain can help increase your bottom line. People must know you provide reliable and convenient treatment. You must advertise that you accept insurance and that you have flexible appointment schedules in the evenings and on weekends. You should promote your physical therapy practice as being a family practice. In order to attract more patients, you must think of innovative ways to market your physical therapy practice.

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  1. Social media: Social media platforms are popular among people of all age groups. According to a study by Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group, nearly 41 percent of people have agreed that social media would impact their choice of a doctor or medical facility. Therefore, creating a strong social media following is critical for spreading the positive word about your physical therapy practice. You can consider creating springtime graphics with flowers and bright colors for your social media ads and content.
  2. Contests: One of our most effective marketing activities is running social media contests around spring holidays. It is an excellent way to connect with your patients, introduce your practice and update your email list. You can host various fun contests on Facebook or Twitter and offer rewards for followers that like or check in at your practice locations on social media. Your goal should be to re-engage with your patients and to take advantage of the beginning that happens after a long winter.
  3. Blogging: Springtime is an ideal time to share valuable information to help people cope with their health issues. According to Pew Research, four out of five users looked on the Internet for health-related information. To make your blogs suitable to the season, try offering advice on how people can deal with acute pain typically associated with winters, or other common problems related to stiff joints or muscles. You can also include springtime graphics in your blog posts. The key to blogging is to be regular and to provide information that resonates with your practice goals.
  4. Website: Spring is upon us, and you can consider renewing your practice website. You can spruce it up to reflect the spirit of renewal. If possible, try adding spring-themed images to your website to show you are welcoming spring. You can temporarily change your website theme and colors to spring-friendly bright or sunny, pastel colors as well. On the homepage, you can include an easily visible section for offering deals to your patients.
  5. SEO tactics: Springtime is an ideal time to work on your search engine marketing. SEO will allow your physical therapy practice to rank higher when people search for keywords that are relevant to your practice. It is a good idea to use your geographic location in your keywords, such as the state or city in which your practice is located. Online healthcare marketing may not be easy, but it is critical. Investing money and effort in your marketing campaigns will reap great rewards in the long run.
  6. Directory listings: It is important to ensure that the location and contact information about your practice is accurate and consistent across all online listings. Many online directories can display your practice information. Accurate information will not only make you easier to find but will also increase your authenticity with Google, which will improve your site rankings.

As the flowers blossom and temperatures rise, make sure you are working on your spring marketing plan by enhancing in these core areas. That is all you need to do to attract more  patients to your physical therapy practice.

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