6 Ways to Thank Your Patients and Build Reputation

6 Ways to Thank Your Patients and Build Reputation

“Thank you” is a phrase that makes you and the other person feel happy and warm. From our childhood, we hear about the importance of saying “Thank you.” Just as the words affect our relationships in our daily life, expressing gratitude improves your practice image, too. So it is essential for you to thank your patients from time to time. It reduces the level of dissatisfaction and generates happiness. Below are six ways to express your gratitude to your patients:

  1. Speak like you mean it: This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to thank your patients. Your words should be polite and personal. Listen to your patient carefully and make eye contact to let them feel heard, and use the opportunity to give heartfelt thanks to them. During this time, your body should synchronize with your words. Similar sincerity should be observed when talking on the phone with your patients.
  2. Send a note: If you missed the chance to verbally thank your patient, you can make use of written notes. You can send emails or handwritten notes in form of postcards to your patients to thank them for choosing your practice. Taking time for such an initiative shows the extra concern you have for your patients.
  3. Offer discounts: As a gesture of gratitude, you can offer discount coupons to your loyal existing patients. You can take this initiative for referrals, as well. So, at the front desk of your practice or via email, you can present a discount of 5 to 10 percent to your patients. For instance, if you are a dentist you can offer discounts on teeth scaling and polishing services to your loyal patients.
  4. Respond to online reviews: Another great way to thank your patients is by responding to online reviews of your practice. People take time to post feedback on your practice, and you should acknowledge their efforts and views. Whether negative or positive, it is imperative for you to reply them with thanks.
  5. Offer welcome drinks: There are times when you have to attend to a large number of patients, which increases patients wait time. To thank them for their patience and cooperation, you can offer them a free welcome drink such as hot or cold tea or coffee or bottled water. This will make their stay more relaxing and make them feel good.
  6. Give a gift on occasions: An occasion is a great day to thank your patients. It will delight them and raise your image in their minds. So generate a list of birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions when you can send a small gift to your patients. This will promote loyalty and increase referrals to your practice.

The accomplishment of all these efforts is possible only with a cooperative staff. So you need to take some initiative to please and thank your staff in order to make your practice grow.

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  • Compliment your staff: Everyone likes to be appreciated for the hard work they perform. So, use the word “you” to compliment them. This is a generous way to praise your staff. For instance, to give accolades to an individual you can say, “Your front-desk service is great. Keep up the good work!” You should also apologize for any mistakes on your end. Don’t hesitate to do so. This grows your staff’s respect and trust in you. Instead of complaining all the time, it is better to show appreciation the good work done by the team.
  • Train your staff: It is necessary to keep up with training and educating your staff. Whatever changes and efforts you are making for your practice should be discussed with the staff. Everyone should be on the same page and work at the same pace.

All of these efforts will help your practice grow exponentially. So, make everyone feel appreciated and make yourself happy, too.

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