7 Ways Your Medical Practice Can Have Fun On Social Media

7 Ways Your Medical Practice Can Have Fun On Social Media

Your medical practice exists to benefit the patients. The same concept applies to providing entertainment, educating your customers or making their life easier and enjoyable. Your patients expect you to add value to their life.

What sets your medical practice apart from others is the value you add to your patients’ lives. So, in what ways can you go above-and-beyond to delight your patients? This is how “boring” healthcare marketing can come out on top.

While your healthcare marketing efforts must focus on patients’ well-being and health, it is important to educate your social media followers in an innovative and engaging manner. After all, boring content and washed-out strategies will never increase customer engagement.

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The following tips and strategies will not only add a pinch of fun to your healthcare marketing but will also take your medical practice to the next level:

  1. Use your knowledge to educate your customer: Instead of being the go-to source for your services and practice information, why can’t you try to establish yourself as the go-to source for health advice and information? The content must be created keeping target audiences in mind. You can choose to distribute your posts through social media, email or text messages. This type of content forms a strong bond with patients who see that you are committed to keeping them healthy.
  2. Conduct surveys through social media: Online surveys are a quick, simple and efficient way to understand what patients are looking for in a healthcare provider. An automated healthcare marketing solution can collect all of the survey data and organize it. You can analyze this data to see what your patients want and how you can improve your services.
  3. Host campaigns: You can consider giving back to the community by donating food items to local food banks or raising awareness of health issues by setting up free health checkup camps. You can promote and advertise these campaigns through your social media pages. A social welfare campaign will capture the hearts of your target audience and will make them feel as if they are part of the community.
  4. Innovate unique themes: Separate your medical practice from the pack by putting a spin on the ordinary. You can set the trend by announcing theme days for spicing up regular days. You can have “TherapyTipThursday” or “MeetTheDoctorMonday” or “FreeConsultationFriday.” These exciting ideas will keep your followers engaged and coming back for more. Engaging the followers will not only demonstrate that there are real people behind the brand, but it will also help build brand loyalty.
  5. Offer freebies: You can offer a chance to win a free healthcare service such as teeth whitening or lab tests. Hosting contests and offering free services as prizes is a very effective marketing strategy to increase patient engagement and interest. You can promote the contest on social media and through your practice website.
  6. Develop an online personality: Become memorable by having not just an online presence, but an online personality. Many healthcare brands have made a name for themselves on social media by giving an edge to their facility’s voice. Fancier brands that have an active online presence get much attention. Being sharp and funny on social media, even if you are playing a game of squabble, is a good way to make a lasting impression on your followers.
  7. Promote your practice’s culture: Even if your practice specializes in something that is difficult to make exciting, such as a cancer clinic, you can direct your focus elsewhere. You can highlight the excellent work environment or your super-skilled employees. You can post content that reveals life at the office, talk about how skilled your team is and even develop a culture of posting weekly pictures.

Healthcare marketing, if done right, will make an impact. Your medical practice has a personality, and you must let people see it. You must capitalize on what your medical practice is already doing through work environment, theme day and throwbacks, then highlight those efforts in your marketing campaigns. With these seven standout strategies, your medical practice will set social media on fire. Moreover, do not forget: Marketing is meant to be fun, even healthcare marketing.

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