Easy Ways to Rustle-Up Online Patient Reviews

Easy Ways to Rustle-Up Online Patient Reviews

Physicians can harness the power of positive reviews to build brand identity and increase patient count at their practice.

Patients today are digitally empowered and have taken more ownership to make their health decisions. Online reviews create a huge impact in the patient decision-making journey where they are more confident and inclined to book an appointment with a physician who has more positive reviews and better ratings. Potential patients take these reviews as experiences coming directly from patients who have already had a consultation at your practice.

If you want to be more visible to your target online audience, your practice should focus on generating more reviews and, of course, the positive ones. The catch is to get your happiest patients to do the talking. But as a matter of fact, unsatisfied patients are more likely to post a review about their experience at your practice. Getting reviews from your satisfied patients can be a tough task.

Let’s have a look at some easy ways in which you can get your patients to write an online review about your practice:

Add a web page on your website with links to review sites
Create a special web page on your website that includes direct links to your profile on major review sites. Include effective CTAs – for example, “Check us out on these review sites,” “rate your experience at our practice” or “provide us your valuable feedback.”

Add direct links to your e-mails
While sending out newsletters, providing email consultations or replying to patient queries via emails, add a review request link on which recipients can click and post their review about your practice. Alternatively, you could also add some catchy text at the end of your email signatures, such as “Happy with our services? Rate us on Vitals.com” or “Visit our Google+ page and tell us your opinion.”

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Just ask
Yes, it’s that simple. There will definitely be a bunch of happy and satisfied patients who visit your practice regularly. Based on you rapport with them, you can humbly ask them to rate your practice and write a short review on the most preferred local physician-rating website as a part of physician reputation management.

Use flyers and attractive posters at your practice
Ask for reviews in an innovative way. Place some eye-catching informative flyers and posters in the patient waiting area displaying important health information. Patients usually find this information useful and read it with interest. At the end, place a request for writing a review about your practice and clearly mention the name of major review sites.

Physicians can harness the power of positive reviews to build brand identity and increase patient count at their practice. Whatever is said about you online makes a huge impact on your online reputation and affects the digital footprints of your practice. Positive reviews can build a sense of credibility about your practice and help develop a positive online reputation. Your practice can definitely grow by channeling the power of reviews to provide wider bandwidth for brand-building and online visibility.

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