Grow the count of reviews

Grow the count of reviews

The significance of reviews is inevitable for the success of your practice. Whether negative or positive, review influence the decision making of a patient. A review is the foundation of online reputation. So, to grow your practice you need to have more positive reviews and these should be more recent. Here are ways to increase the count of positive reviews.

  • Face to face interaction

The most basic and effective way to increase your review count is by asking patients visiting your practice to post a review online. Face to face interactions are often the most influential ones and you should make good use of these. There is no harm in asking your patients a small favor. You should explain to them the relevance reviews have in the growth of your practice and thank them for doing so.

  • Newsletter

Emails are a great way to request your patients for positive reviews. So, how to go for it. You don’t need to create a separate email campaign for it. Instead, you can add a link to your regular email that takes the reader or your patient to the review site. Make use of creative lines to attract patients. You can also ask them to visit your social media sites and share their views.

  • Social media widgets

Add widgets of social media pages and other review sites on your website or blog pages. This will take the visitor directly to your review pages. Your existing patients are likely to post reviews, whereas potential patients can read reviews that will grow their trust in your practice. Or you can add a link on blog pages for the same reason.

  • Social engagement

More than 80% of Americans are on social media platforms. So, you need to be present on these sites. This will motivate patients to post reviews for your practice. There are various ways to promote reviews on various social media profiles such as

On Facebook: Make use of ‘review tab’ on Facebook. Make this tab live or visible on your page to grab the attention of your patients and collect more reviews for your practice.

Take the first step to protect your online reputation and request your Online Reputation Assessment.

On YouTube: Once you have a channel for your practice on YouTube, you should upload your video to receive reviews on them. You can collaborate with top performers of YouTube in your area. These influencers will help you spread awareness about your practice in their videos. For instance, if you are a gynecologist you can connect with a popular female fitness trainer. So, in the next videos, you people can talk about exercises during periods and promote your practice. This event will invite positive reviews and patients to your practice.

On LinkedIn: Instead of reviews, you have recommendations of LinkedIn. You can request your patients to make use of this feature and post their testimonials. Further, you can showcase these on your website under a section named, ‘our patients’ or so.

  • Offers and discounts

Another great way to entice your patients to post reviews is by extending offers to them. Come up with summer season or referral offers. For instance, if you are a dentist, you can pitch a free sitting on one referral. Such an act will fetch you more patients, also delight your existing patients. So, you are certain to receive some positive reviews for your practice online.

In addition to the above-mentioned ways, you can also make use of myPracticeReputation’s review generation feature. This will send a request to your patients to post a review for your practice on top-rated review sites.


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