How Personalized Websites Grow Business for Cardiologists

How Personalized Websites Grow Business for Cardiologists

To run a successful business, it is compulsory to have a personalized website for your cardiology practice. It is a cost-effective way to inform people about your services and attract new patients. Your website should be custom-made and monitored regularly once up and running. But, for a successful website, what-all should be considered? Let’s check.

Who Will Visit Your Website?


Any potential customer who searches cardiology services online and is interested to know about your services will land on your website before making a physical visit. Or, it can be any patient who needs information on your hours of availability, service information, contact information, etc.

What Your Website Should Have?


  • Persuasive Design

Your website needs to have a compelling layout that grips the visitor. It should have easy navigation that allows the viewer to explore the required information effortlessly. For an eye-catching layout, some basic design elements should be kept in mind, such as shape and size of logo, text, and header, color contrast between background and text, placement of text and images for space utilization. Also, use of CSS designs, flash, block, and CSS+JavaScript can help you build a dynamic and engaging website.

Use breadcrumbs for guiding the user’s view and his way out from a particular page. A good website should have a visible search box with contact details on every page. And, for lengthy content, use “Read more” or “Continue reading” links to have a neat appearance and ample breathing space.

  • Content

Once visitors are welcomed to your cardiology website with the appealing layout, it’s the interesting content that will keep them around. In addition to font size, type, and color, you should have catchy headings and brief paragraphs, preferably bulleted representation of content.

Your content should have multiple formats. Because monotony is boring, put the content in the form of infographics with minimum text and more of a graphic representation. Complex content can be well-explained in such a form instead of leaving the viewer with lengthy blogs to read and understand.

To explain procedures, make use of videos. Upload high-quality videos with a voiceover for an effortless understanding of procedures and diseases such as heart attack, angiography, mitral valve repair, bypass surgery etc.

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In addition to the forms of content, you should check on the matter of content. Instead of just boosting your cardiology services, you should engage the reader by providing educational material on health condition management. Get content from medical experts to grow patients’ trust.

  • Patient Portal

A patient portal is a must to keep the audience hooked to your website, otherwise, it would be just like reading a newspaper. With a patient portal, you allow them to log in securely to your cardiology website, send messages and check for an upcoming appointment date and time. As a cardiologist, you will be able to access the patient’s health condition history to offer better treatment and get referrals from existing patients. This will save your staff’s time lost in calling and scheduling appointments. Over the portal, you can have a tab or space to highlight offers and discounts, as and when available. This will give a professional feel to your website. And patients will consider you more reliable for themselves and their loved ones. For a better look, you can use a progress tracker on this page.

  • Optimized for Google and Yahoo

After you have the layout and content in place, it’s time for website optimization. Appropriate selection of keywords and correct insertion helps you get free organic traffic. To rank on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you need to have the website and content optimized with high-ranking keywords – and don’t go for any guesswork with keywords. Your website should have a link for your location tracking on Google map.

What Are The Benefits?


  • Generate Trust

What is the first thing you do after you hear about good service from your friend? You Google it. Right? The same happens with any service. Anyone who hears about your cardiology services from their friends and family will go online searching for you, probably your website. Thus, a persuasive website can encourage the prospect to visit you. But if you don’t have a website at all, the searcher’s disappointment will lead to no further communication.

Also, highlighting customers that the site is fully secured and keeps their private data confidential will grow a long-term relationship between doctor and patient.

  • Enhance Image

It’s tough to talk about yourself everywhere. But your website is like your portfolio, and people are quite interested in reading an ‘About Me’ page where you can talk about your knowledge and experience. Also, the look and feel of the website will help the audience to create a good perception about your progressive and forward-thinking approach.

  • Direct Contact

A website is a direct link between the doctor and prospect. A patient might face anxiety and think a lot before reaching out for cardiac help, but with a user-friendly website in place, he can know you, interact using chat options or links for social media pages, book an appointment and pay online. A website establishes two-way traffic.

Grow your cardiology practice by having an engaging website designed for yourself and establish a strong online reputation online. For any assistance, feel free to contact us. We at MyPracticeReputation help you design a customized website exclusively for your practice.

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