How to Do Successful Dental Marketing

How to Do Successful Dental Marketing

If it is about growing your practice online, it has everything to do with marketing. In addition to competitive pricing and services, you need to have strong promotion and wider reach to make your practice stand out from the competition. Before jumping into any marketing strategy, you must perform a SWOT analysis of your practice, i.e. Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Creativity and efforts together build some remarkable marketing techniques. Below are ways to do successful dental marketing:

SEO: For a strong online presence, you need an engaging website – but it is worthless without effective SEO techniques as it cannot be seen by your target audience. Good SEO helps your website appear more often to your potential patients and be placed higher in search engine results for dental practices. You need to choose right keywords and place them throughout your website, in content, image names, titles and URLs. For higher search result ranking, you should add your location to your selected keywords. Some other SEO techniques include adding backlinks, avoiding keyword stuffing, etc.

Patient reviews: Patient reviews lay the foundation for your dental practice online reputation. So you need to proactively respond to your patients’ reviews and request your happy patients to post positive feedback for your practice. Have your practice listed on top review sites for your patients to post reviews. Regularly check for feedback and respond to it. You don’t need to be disheartened by a negative review; instead, consider it an opportunity for improvement. And negative reviews are not always bad for your practice. myPracticeReputation understands your busy schedule and so we are here to offer you our online reputation management services. We help you learn how to handle negative reviews professionally.

Also, your practice needs more positive reviews to push down the negative ones, if any. So ask your happy patients to post positive reviews about your practice. Explain to them how important reviews are for your practice. Thank your patients for posting reviews.

Listings: Consistency and citation are essential for the growth of your dental practice. You need to claim listings on popular review sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. This creates a stronger online presence and provides essential information to your potential patients such as phone number, address, etc. The most trusted platform for listing is Google Maps.

Take the first step to protect your online reputation and request your Online Reputation Assessment.

Offers: Bonuses and offers have always been attracting people. Make use of referral bonuses to increase your patient counts. Since a recommendation from friends is considered the most trusted source in decision-making, referral bonuses help you retain your existing patients and attract new ones. You can come up with offers such as discounts on every referral or their next appointment.

Events: in addition to online campaigns, you need to get out in the community. It helps you explain your services directly to your target audience. This will also build a positive image in your community. You can organize dental camps in your area that will grow patient trust in your practice and help you achieve word-of-mouth marketing, especially among families with kids.

Some other tips for successful dental marketing include:

  • Build a strong social media presence. Post some inside pictures of your practice and launch campaigns that display your unique techniques to the world.
  • Include practice bios and videos of treatment on your website to grow your audience’s trust in your practice.
  • Send appointment reminders through effective email marketing techniques to show have concern for your patients.

For all these initiatives to be a success, you need to understand how important your patients are for your practice and make your team understand, too. Effective teamwork will offer higher engagement that will please your patients and generate other unique healthcare marketing techniques. All of these efforts together will help you achieve positive online reputation and sustain it longer.

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