How to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Practice

How to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Practice

The growth of your practice is in the hands of star ratings and positive testimonials you receive from your existing customers. This is what the world knows about you and positive reviews help you grow your patient base by attracting potential patients. A positive online presence helps you rank better in the search engine results. To stand out from the competition, you need to get more positive reviews and establish an online reputation. Here is how.

Utilize an easy reputation management system

Online reputation management and review monitoring do not require you to invest a lot of time or money. You cannot leave it at the stake of reviewers who often post unwelcome or bad reviews. If not managed efficiently, negative reviews are likely to push down the positive ones. Budget restraints is an excuse that will ruin your online reputation. So, to manage your reputation, follow these simple step consistently and monitor and respond to online patient reviews

Create a list of review sites that have a major effect on your reputation and have higher review frequency

Use free tools like Google Alerts to receive notification them you or your practice is mentioned somewhere on the Internet. This will help you know what patients are talking about you.

Consider negative reviews as a feedback and don’t miss the opportunity of converting them into a positive one. Give a polite response to your reviewers and assure improvement.

Ask for the reviews

Take the first step to protect your online reputation and request your Online Reputation Assessment.

A patient review is a necessity for your practice’s growth, so you must request all your patients to post a review for your practice on the Internet. According to a survey by bright local, of 74 percent, 68 percent consumers left a business review when asked for. You don’t need to be shy. When a patient is happy with your treatment, you can always ask them for this favor.


You get many opportunities to interact with your patients. Try to communicate how valuable their opinion is to practice. And whenever a patient talks good about you and your practice, appreciate and thank them. Such a reply will boost trust of patients in your practice. This also helps you to promote your services to existing and new patients. Let the reviewer know how much you value their time and opinion. In addition to relying on a review site, you can also send email or SMS as a gesture to thank your patients for writing well about you.

Easy review process

Everyone has a busy schedule and still they come to your practice according to the time allotted to them. You need to respect this. So, try to make review process very smooth and quick. This will be appreciated by reviewers as well. Get yourself listed on major review sites where a patient can easily find you and post a review. In your mailers, you can place the direct link to the review page. Also, you can send a review form to your patients.

Online reputation management is not a child’s play and needs assistance. We at helps you manage your online reviews and handle negative comments. Feel free to contact us to promote your practice online and increase your number of positive reviews.

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