How to Write Content for Your Practice Website

How to Write Content for Your Practice Website

A website is the most trusted mode of communication between a patient and a doctor. It helps you attracts new patients and build loyal relationships with the existing ones. So, your practice website is a marketing material that needs to be presented perfectly. When visiting your website, it just takes few seconds for a visitor to decide if they want to visit your practice or not. And their decision is influenced by the content on your website.

When writing for your practice website, you need to remember following

Page Topic

You should know inside out of every topic you write on your website. The information offered by you will help your audience decide if they are going to visit your practice or not. So, do a thorough research your medical specialty and highlight the uniqueness of your practice and service to attract more consumers. Also, you need to have a compelling headline for all pages/write-ups that compels them to read and schedule an appointment.

Engaging Content

It is necessary to offer good information to your patients but it will be a waste if it fails to bring the visitors to your practice. So, your content should have a friendly tone and a simple language for a layman to understand your services. Avoid using overly complicated words that take them to the thesaurus. Your aim is to make them read the concise content quickly and navigate through the website. Whatever you write on your practice website will differentiate you from your competitors. So, be extra conscious about spellings, grammar, citations, bio (overly personal or unprofessional) and facts.

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Keep it Short and Specific

It is not necessary that only lengthy content can yield you the desired traffic. It is the original and informative content that helps you in the patient acquisition. The length of content on a page may vary depending on the goals and topic explained, but generally, a webpage should have 500-700 words. You need to explain the treatment and practice keeping in mind the average reading level of your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

For your well-written content to reach your target audience you need to have good SEO. So, along with information you need to have high ranking keywords infused in your practice website content. Go for long-tail keywords targeting the geographical location. Your keywords should be naturally woven into the content. Don’t insert too many keywords, else Google might declare your website as a spammer.

Some more points to remember

  • Enrich your content with images, infographics, slideshows, audio clips or videos.
  • Avoid medical jargon that makes tough for everyone to understand treatment or communicate properly.
  • Most importantly, proofread the content before it goes live. A small mistake can ruin your online reputation.
  • Use bullet points to increase legibility and readership.

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