Importance of Video in Medical Marketing

Importance of Video in Medical Marketing

A video is a form of content that’s doing wonders. Vlogs are taking over blogs and videos are everywhere on Facebook and other social media channels. From processes to information, people prefer watching a video over reading long, plain text. According to a study, video, an expensive marketing medium

  • Increased conversion on landing page by 80%
  • Used by 87% of online marketers
  • Shared by 92% mobile users

Let’s see the benefits of video for your practice

Enhances SEO

To rule the world of the Internet, you have to have good search engine optimization. Nowadays, Google and other search engines expect way more than just a simple website with old pain text. They look forward to a website with rich media such as video, audio and other elements that build user engagement. SEO done via a medium of video on channels such as YouTube can get you enormous popularity among patients and a higher ranking on search engines.

Increases patient conversion

Monotony is boring. For patient conversion, you need to engage them and video is the one of the best media of engagement especially on medical websites. It is tough for a layman to understand medical processes, especially when explained in lengthy blogs. Videos help to make difficult topics easy to understand. It involves auditory and visual skills of an individual. This helps them memorize things.

Grows social media presence

You need to stay active on social media platforms. This does not mean just posting simple text on your wall. Every year, Facebook has numerous people adding to it. In such a scenario, it’s imperative for you to get more prospects on your page. This is possible only if you engage them with videos. Irrespective of type and purpose, videos are everywhere on Facebook. To make people trust your treatments, procedures, and practice you need to get interesting videos that become the gateway for numerous new patients.

Builds patient trust

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Trust is an essential element to get patients to your practice. So how to make your prospects choose you over the plethora of other doctors online. Apart from face-face interaction, a video is something that can make you sound real and genuine. Plain text is boring to read but listen and watching someone speak about crucial things like health, automatically develops the feeling of trust. Upload your interview videos and patient testimonials for references to attract your potential patients. Create your own informal videos, where you speak on some topic or address any of your patient’s health issue (without disclosing their identity to the world). This helps the listener to know you better as a good doctor and understand how considerate you are.

At times uploading simple educational video can attract people of different age groups to your website or YouTube channel. These medical topics are even visited by medical students. General information about your team, clinic/hospital, services, schedule, etc. to help people plan a comfortable visit.

Before creating any video, you need to consider the following points:

Educate the viewer: Your video must educate and address the viewer’s concern that builds transparency. For instance, create a video on FAQs.

Keep it short: Lengthy videos fail to generate interest and tend to deviate from the main topic. Else, people might leave your video in between.

Make it cost-effective: Video should be of help to people instead of just having high-quality production. Find some local or budding talent for video creation. This will help you get your work done easily and get the video creator some extra earning.

Give a kickstart: First 10 seconds of a video are very crucial to grab the attention of the viewer. Once you are successful in creating series of compelling video, you experience the advantage of creating inexpensive videos for your practice.

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