Repurpose Medical Content for Social Media

Repurpose Medical Content for Social Media

The value of words is known to all. Unique and informative content creation takes a lot of time and effort. For creative content to be successful, it needs to create a long-lasting impact on the readers. This is the reason behind repurposing of content. Social media is the greatest platform to speak about yourself and your practice. Projecting your content here can grow your patient base largely. Let’s understand below why repurposing is important, what you should repurpose and how.

Why repurpose?

To save your creative work from being wasted, below are the reasons for repurposing your content:

  • Reach more audience: Your target audience is present on different platforms. So, share your content everywhere to reach them and get noticed.
  • Better engagement: Create different forms of content to attract different audiences because not everyone absorbs knowledge through the same mode of learning. A blog can be converted into a video or infographic to satisfy your various audiences.
  • Better ranking: Repurposing also helps with SEO, thereby making your practice rank higher in Google searches. You can add backlinks and increase your visibility via content.

What to repurpose?

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  • High-views article: Go for repurposing a blog post with high views. It might be an old article but revisited by numerous people. The same product with different packaging can yield you great results.
  • Informative blogs: Whether new or old, informative content that does not age with time should never be missed for repurposing. These pieces will attract new consumers from different platforms.
  • Ebooks/white papers: Ebooks and white papers are long pieces of content that can be a good source of small knowledge nuggets. Many people who are reluctant to reading lengthy articles and Ebooks will benefit from such snippets.
  • List content: Articles with top or best ways lists need instant and maximum views. Try to launch different forms of such content at the same time to make your analysis fruitful for all.

How to repurpose?

Now that we know why and what’s to be repurposed, it’s time to learn how to do it:

  • Cross-platform: Repurpose does not mean just changing the format, it is also about sharing your content across different platforms for higher visibility. Just customize it a bit to save your work from being marked as plagiarism. Also, you need to be conscious about the style of content accepted and liked by the various sites. For instance, it is good to have hashtags in Instagram and Twitter posts but not in Facebook posts. Make use of Instagram and Snapchat for sharing infographics and other image-based content forms.
  • Announce: High-performing content always gives you the opportunity of repurposing it and attracting your target audience. And the second version with modifications will definitely fetch better results. Once you update information in your existing content and repost it, its time to publicize the modified content. Go to your social media platforms and announce the updates made in that article. When talking about the particular blog, video or interview, use different lines or quotes as status. This will attract readers considering there is something new for them to read and learn. A Twitter Moment of compiled user-generated content can invite higher traffic. Repurposing magnifies the impact of content and makes it more powerful and interesting for the readers.
  • Time: Time is another important factor that will provide better views to your post. The repurposed content needs to be shared at different times of day. This will remind the viewers of the content, reach maximum patients in different forms and grow the visibility of your practice through higher engagement.

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