Social Media Healthcare Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media Healthcare Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Today, social media is ruling the world. In addition to reconnecting with friends and family, social media has become the ultimate source of knowledge and advertising platforms. Talking about healthcare, 60% of people prefer to follow posts by doctors over social media. So it is necessary to understand that being proactive on social media can fetch you good profits and increase your patient base. In order to make the most of the social media marketing, first, you need to know the mistakes to avoid that can damage your practice’s online reputation.

No Research

It is necessary to have an account on all social media platforms, but you cannot have same messaging at all places. Each branding and visibility platform needs to have its own correct messaging and voice to build your online reputation.

Do some research on each site: What are your competitors up to? What tone should be used for communicating with your target audience? What are the latest viral trends on a particular platform? Etc.


Avoiding presence on social media platforms is the worst mistake one can make. It is like shutting the door to business development opportunities. Also, creating a profile and not maintaining it is another pitfall that needs to be avoided. You need to stay proactive and interact with your patients by responding to their post and comments.

No Consistency

Social media profiles need regular activity to keep your presence alive. If not every day, keep a trend of weekly or bi-weekly posting. Take out few minutes a day to reply to the comments or reviews posted by your patients. If you are unable to do so, outsource it. You should be thankful to your patients for taking out some time for you. Remember that too much posting is also inappropriate. It might turn you into a spammer.

Take the first step to protect your online reputation and request your Online Reputation Assessment.

Wrong Posts

Be conscious about what you are posting. Avoid too many personal and self-praising posts even if you feel it is valuable. Upload friendly information to make your patients know you better. Avoid any sort of political discussion, comment on celebs or controversial topics related to religion, immigration, etc. Your posts are a representation of your personality as a thought leader.

Single Content Form

Simple posts can be uninteresting and you may lose your target audience. So, along with blog links, you should post infographics, podcasts, videos, etc. Different content forms help people understand complex medical processes and keep up their interest in your content.

Account in Wrong Hands

Leaving your account in inexperienced hands spoils all your hard work. Any wrong post or tweet can harm your online reputation. It is better to take a few minutes and manage your social media accounts on your own or hire a social media manager who understands your practice and can portray your brand accordingly.

It is essential to plan your marketing activity to build a strong online reputation. Also, remember to accept and apologize for any mistake (received as a negative review) and assure your patients of better results. A clear denial and ignorance can demotivate people. These small steps leave a major impact on your audience and help you build long-term relationships. So, think before you make a blunder J

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