What Are the Myths About Digital Healthcare?

What Are the Myths About Digital Healthcare?

Today everything is digitized, then why not healthcare marketing. There are many myths surrounding digital healthcare that affect your practice’s online presence and stop you from communicating with your stakeholders. For a better online reputation and growth of your practice, let’s unfold the below-stated myths about digital healthcare.

Patients don’t have interest in digital healthcare

Myth: Internet has made things easy and crystal clear when it comes to searching a service/product and reviewing it. But a coin has two sides and here is the bad side of the Internet. Crimes over the Internet, such as data breaches make patients reluctant to trust health information or services available online. Patients avoid mHealth apps and avoid any engagement with it or getting connected with the provider and healthcare facilities.

Truth: Patients, especially, millennial are over the Internet all the time for every thing. Digital healthcare marketing helps you reach your target audience as long as they are well strategized properly. Leading a busy life, patients prefer getting health updates online. Facilities such as health apps, patient portals are much liked by people.

Digital healthcare is only for millennials

Myth: Older generations lack interest in the Internet and digital healthcare services. They might be present on a social media site but are not an active user of the Internet. It is just the millennials who keep browsing the Internet, especially on their mobile phones. Baby boomers and elders also use the mobile phone but don’t prefer to get attracted towards healthcare apps

Truth: Digital transformation of healthcare is highly welcomed by the people between the ages of 55 and 75 years. With growing age, the body is attacked by various ailments when a person looks forward to convenience and ease especially when it comes to healthcare services. Health apps help them receive medication reminders, check their test reports, connect with caregivers and take care of their appointment scheduling. Undoubtedly, the tech-savvy millennials welcome digital healthcare but there is a big thumbs-up from elderlies as well.

Digital Marketing means mobile health marketing

Myth: Mobile driven strategies in healthcare would engage patients of other age groups with growing penetration of mobile technology. Marketing professionals might focus majorly on integrating health services with mobile to create a wider offering. Mobile health marketing is the most important mode of interaction with people engaged on their smartphones.

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Truth: With all age groups finding internet browsing convenient over their phone, developers need to develop apps that engage different age people. Older people look for an easy app when compared to the young users. They would want to directly connect to their providers and get detail information about doctors and their services.

Innovative services can only survive in the digital world

Myth: The world welcomes innovation with open arms to beat the heat of competition, so the developers are constantly busy developing new things every day. In case of healthcare, innovation is kept after the needs of patient and provider. When talking about digital healthcare services, all that a patient wants is easy and convenient access to health information and better communication with the provider.

Truth: Innovation in technology can be an additional management tool. Patients’ expectations are not limited to accessing just their health information. They prefer technologies that help them track various symptoms or follow a healthy lifestyle.

Something big is required in the world digital

Myth: To let the world know about digital health and get used to it, you need to create a revolution.

Truth: Nothing can be done in a single day. It is necessary to create small changes that will lead to a bigger change gradually. Developers and healthcare professionals need to create a platform that has everything for everyone, i.e. patients and providers.

Digital healthcare helps you grow your online presence and get a good online reputation for your practice. If your practice is not online, your services are unlikely to get growth.

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