Why Do You Need More Patient Reviews

Why Do You Need More Patient Reviews

More than 60% people consider online reviews as personal recommendations that makes it important to have positive reviews for your practice. Reviews largely affect the purchasing decision of people. Before finalizing a visit to your practice, your potential patient studies what your existing patients have to say about your practice. Testimonials and reviews lay the foundation for your practice and influence your existing and new patients. Regularly getting good reviews take your practice on a better rank on Google search and stand out from the competition.

How to get more patient reviews?

Since your online reputation is largely dependent on what your patients say about your practice, you need to collect positive reviews for yourself. This can be easily done with excellent services and patient care.

  • Hire a team

Online reputation management and review monitoring is not an easy task. It requires time and expertise. So, hire a dedicated team or tie up with healthcare reputation management agency that dedicatedly monitors your reviews, gathers more reviews and deals with the negative ones. You need to know that patients are more inclined towards posting what they did not find good, thereby damaging your reputation. We myPracticeReputation help you get more positive reviews, rank your positive reviews on top and deal with the bad reviews at affordable prices. We understand the healthcare industry and are focused to offer the best to our clients.

You can even do this activity on your own by following a schedule

  • Create a checklist of your favorite sites that matter the most to your practice.
  • Use Google Alerts to get notifications whenever your practice is mentioned on the web, so that you can take positive actions
  • Learn how to respond negative reviews and take a step forward for improvement
  • Ask for reviews

You can’t miss asking for reviews from your happy patients. Whenever a patient interacts with you at your practice or via email/call, let them know how valuable their opinion is for your practice. If a patient appreciates your service, ask them to express it online. Explain to them how valuable will be their words for you and your practice.

Take the first step to protect your online reputation and request your Online Reputation Assessment.

Thank your patients every time they post a review for your practice. This will motivate your patients to refer you to their friends and family, thereby increasing your patient base.

  • Get listed on review sites

Your patients deserve an easy reviewing process that does not kill much of their time. Get your practice listed on all major review websites. In your mailers, state clear directions with links to sites where you want the review to be posted. Also, create simple and short surveys for patients to complete them with interest.

Some other ways include

  • Presence on social media platforms
  • Regular updates on blog platforms
  • Feedback space on website
  • Offers for new patients and referrals

Growth and success of your practice are largely dependent on your patient reviews.

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