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The number of patients using online reviews jumped 77% from 2014 to

The Complete Online Reputation Management Solutions for Doctors, Dentists & All Healthcare Providers


  • Monitor all your online reviews from a single dashboard (accessible from your computer, tablet or phone)
  • Capture reviews from your patients with ease through an iPad at your practice (which we will provide), email and text message
  • Publish your positive reviews to the Internet and filter out the negative reviews
  • Protect your online reputation by being in control of your patient reviews
  • Grow your practice with more new patients and referrals
  • Receive reports on new reviews that you receive on the Internet

It is common knowledge today that most Americans (some studies estimate this to be more than 80%) go online and read patient reviews before deciding on their physician. And this trend is only likely to continue and grow. Also, patients voluntarily write positive and negative reviews on the website of their choice such as,, etc. As a result, patient review sites as well as generic review sites are growing at a tremendous pace. Due to these prevalent customer behaviors, today doctors and dentists cannot afford to ignore their online reputation. The patient’s voice clearly plays a very important role in practice marketing and affects traffic to one’s private practice. So it is extremely important for physicians to:

  1. Monitor their reviews – proactively listening to customers is imperative.
  2. Ensure there are enough reviews – if visitors do not find enough reviews, they are likely to find another doctor.
  3. Manage negative reviews – not responding to negative reviews is a sure recipe for disaster for your practice.

myPracticeReputation understands the crucial aspects of the review systems. It is an easy-to-use solution that helps you proactively monitor, protect and promote your practice online. With this powerful physician reputation management solution, working continuously on your behalf, you gain more positive reviews and ratings while mitigating negative ones.

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myPracticeReputation is an advanced HIPAA-compliant, do-it-yourself reputation management solution for doctors, dentists and other healthcare service providers.

Features of myPracticeReputation

A. Easy Monitoring
Know what's being written about your practice in doctor reviews and rating websites, harvested from the web. With continuous Internet monitoring, myPracticeReputation provides you information on your patient reviews – including some you may not be aware of – as they appear or get published, based on 20+ review websites.

B. Your Reputation Scorecard
myPracticeReputation Scorecard gives you complete insight into how you are doing regarding your online reputation. Your Online Reputation Scorecard data is weighed and averaged across all doctor review sites according to relevance. With review grades ranging from A-F, you'll remain abreast of how you and your practice are perceived by patients. The convenient dashboard view gives you fast, easy access to the status of your ratings and reviews – whether they have been captured, approved or published.

C. Capture Patient Reviews
The myPracticeReputation software, loaded on a device like an iPad or laptop, has the ability to capture patient reviews. These may be patients who are currently visiting your practice or have visited your practice in the past. Once the reviews are submitted, your office manager or you will have access to a convenient interface through the software to read, reject or accept the feedback. This feedback from your patients helps you gain insights into your staff performance, office, procedures, bedside manner and patient's perceptions. The reviews that have been accepted can be used to promote your practice.

D. Smart Publishing of Positive Reviews/Managing Negative Reviews
myPracticeReputation is a smart HIPAA-compliant tool that allows automatic publishing of your verified positive patient testimonials to review sites that have the most relevance to your medical, dental or ancillary healthcare specialty. The software has the intelligence to distribute your reviews across the web to meet your current requirements in the best possible manner. Positive and recent reviews from patients help neutralize any negative reviews that might appear over a period of time.

Post-purchase, a practice marketing expert will set up the software for you (normally within 7 days) on your chosen device (iPad, etc.) and train your staff on how to use the software for maximum results. You will have regular access to our experts for any clarification and help that you may need at any time after purchase.

A Single Neglected Negative Review Can Damage Your Practice


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