• I’m doing everything under the sun to deliver positive customer service to my patients, but I still end up getting negative online reviews about my practice. What can I do about it?

We know most physicians and other healthcare professionals are very busy, but falling back on the defensive tactic of saying, “Oh people don’t believe what’s written on the Internet” can be detrimental to your practice reputation. You may be the best physician in the country, but a single unflattering review online can outweigh many other positive words. Get expert professionals to help manage your reviews and build your practice reputation online.

  • I have 12-year-old practice and people come to me by word-of-mouth. Why do I need an online profile if I’m getting the patients anyway?

Shopping for a doctor now is no different than buying a book from Amazon. More and more patients are now going online – even if a doctor has been recommended by a friend or family member – checking the doctor’s credentials and reading patient reviews. Social media has become a major influence on the Internet, and having minimal or no online presence will impede your practice growth.

  • As a physician, I have reservations about asking patients to write reviews for me online, fearing bad reviews. How can I overcome this?

Our tool puts you in charge of what is being said about you online. You can monitor all the reviews that patients are writing about you across major review sites on a single page through a dashboard, and a 24/7 real-time online reputation score gives you your standing.

  • Patients don’t bother to go online after the office visit to post a review. How do I tackle that?

Many patients are too busy to write reviews, although sometimes they will go online to rant when they feel they haven’t been treated appropriately. Most patients find it tedious to search for your profile on a review site. We provide them handy links to your practice profiles along with an easy guide on posting hassle-free reviews.

  • Can negative posts really interfere with my practice reputation?

With the advantage of user anonymity on various review sites, patients or competitors can write anything about you on the Internet. A single unpleasant review can have your patients running to your competitors. MyPracticeReputation is all about being proactive rather than reactive in handling online reviews.

  • I have four or five positive reviews online but only on one site. Is there a point of concern here?

Having positive reviews only on one site limits your practice visibility when someone looks you up online. It’s always recommended to have scattered reviews over diverse review sites to attain prospective patient readership.

  • I have an SEO team working on my website optimization. Is managing online reviews all that important?

A well-structured website only shows your online presence and information about your practice. While the Internet already has your profile on various sites, it’s the overall user rating that guides and influences consumer behavior as far as attracting patients is concerned. So a robust review management tool has to be in place along with your SEO activities.