• Q: Do we need any training for using myPracticeReputation?

    A: No. myPR is based on a neural network that will automatically change the review collection process and publish on the most well-known review sites to achieve acceptable physician ratings and review count.

  • Q: How will myPracticeReputation help me attract more patients to my practice?

    A: Your patients will be attracted to positive reviews posted on all the popular healthcare review sites by our intelligent algorithm. Our machine learning-based algorithm will not only post reviews but also keep a check on all aspects related to your medical reputation and provide you with an analysis report regularly. This report will help you work on weak areas and improve your services, which will also help you attract more patients.

  • Q: How will myPracticeReputation help us remove negative reviews from Yelp?

    A: myPracticeReputation has a reliable and effective review collection process that will keep a check on doctors’ reputation and encourage your happy patients to post more doctors online reviews on Yelp. As a result, negative reviews will be pushed down in search engine visibility.

  • Q: Does myPracticeReputation require any manual effort?

    A: No. Our practice management system reviews patients’ comments on the most well-known doctor rating websites and maintains a threshold limit, as well.

  • Q: Is myPracticeReputation HIPAA-compliant?

    A: Yes. We are one of the best online reputation management companies and are fully compliant with all HIPAA guidelines.

  • Q: Can myPracticeReputation help improve patient satisfaction?

    A: Yes, myPracticeReputation is based on artificial intelligence technology, which will collect sentiment analysis data from your physician practice specialist reviews, assess it and share comprehensive reports with you. Using these reports, you can identify weak areas and work on online reputation management to improve patient experience and satisfaction.

  • Q: Does myPracticeReputation follow Google guidelines for review posting?

    A: Yes, it does. Unlike cheap reputation management companies, we don’t do review or rating gating for Google. However, we do analyze reviews once they are posted on Google by a patient.

  • Q: How does myPracticeReputation ensure the timely delivery of email/SMS for review collection from the patient?

    A: Our review collection processes are automated, and they are the best in the industry. For privacy reasons, we won’t mention our partners’ names here. Please contact us if you need more details.

  • Q: How will myPracticeReputation help me identify core concern areas in my practice?

    A: Our intelligent algorithm will analyze and assess all reviews posted by your patients on all the popular review sites. Based on those reviews, we will prepare a report highlighting the reputation of medical doctors, along with all the strengths and weaknesses of your practice.

  • Q: Is there any way to ensure an overall good rating across all sites?

    A: Yes, our algorithm will take care of this.

  • Q: Is myPracticeReputation integrated with EMR/EHR?

    A: Yes, it is. We have already integrated it with more than 35 EMR/EHR.