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The number of patients using online reviews jumped 77% from 2014 to

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How Physicians Can Maintain Online Reputation

In this era of the Internet, patients prefer knowing you online before visiting your practice. This stage of analysis and finalizing which doctor to visit is highly influenced by online presence and reputation of a physician. So, to acquire more patients you need to build a strong online reputation for yourself and your practice. Creating accounts on all review platforms is not a solution for surviving this tough competition. Below is the 5 point checklist that will give you 360-degree coverage on building your online reputation and increasing your patient base.

Online Reputation of Doctors

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A Single Neglected Negative Review Can Damage Your Practice


Take the first step to protect your online reputation and request your Online Reputation Assessment.

Your assessment will include all of your patient online reviews (even some you may not be aware of) plus your Online Reputation Score.