Dental Reputation Management

In an ideal world, the quality of the dental care you provide and the level of expertise you have should be enough to grow your dental practice. But in real life, your dental clinic reviews and what people are saying online about your dental practice is the most critical reflection of your credibility and services.

Did you know that the healthcare ranks third among the list of industries for which online reviews are most read?

Most patients, when looking for a dentist, search online for help. They read reviews and look up online forums to confirm the credibility and reputation of a dentist before booking an appointment. This makes dentist review management a priority for dentists and orthodontists. The more positive reviews and dental clinic ratings you have, the more patients you can attract.

  • Nearly 90% of prospects will Google your brand name before deciding to visit your dental practice.
  • 57% of potential patients won’t even consider visiting your practice unless it has at least a 4-star rating.
  • Each additional star in Yelp corresponds to a 5% to 9% jump in revenue.
  • A strong online reputation will make people 68% more likely to consider your dental practice.

Your dental practice growth = Dental Reputation Management.

In addition to making your brand look credible in front of prospects, there’s the benefit of a stellar online reputation – pricing power.

If a patient asks you, “Why should I pay more for your services?” you can simply respond, “Have you read our online reviews to see what our patients say?”

You must leverage the power of a 5-star online reputation. You’ve worked so hard to establish your practice. Can you afford to let that hard work be flushed down the drain because of a single disgruntled patient?

It is essential to set up a system to ensure your happy patients are louder than the unhappy ones; the payoff will be worth it.

When to Make Dentist Online Reputation Management a Priority?

If you have no online reviews or if your online reviews are below 4.0 on average, then dental reputation management should be your top priority. The various strategies and tricks that you use for dentist reputation management will also depend on the other challenges your dental practice is facing, and this is where the experience of a professional dentist reputation management firm comes in!

Why Do Dentists Trust Practice Builders?

Because we are experts at review management for dentists.

Our proven strategies for online reputation management for dentists are aimed at driving more patients to your website by enhancing your brand reputation within search engines.

Schedule a consultation with our experts for a review of your website and social media profiles as well as a competitor analysis. We promise you will want a customized online reputation management plan and a clear roadmap for attracting new patients.

Grow Your Dental Practice With Online Review Management!

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