Reputation Management for Hearing Services

The Internet and social media have changed the healthcare landscape. Most patients now use search engines as the first step to finding information about a local audiologist or hearing service practice.

So, what do potential patients see when they Google your brand name? Do they see positive reviews from other patients? Or do they see negative ones? Or do they see nothing at all? If your prospects see more negative reviews than positive, or if they see no reviews at all, you have lost their business.

As a doctor of audiology, you must take your online presence and reputation very seriously. Favorable reviews of your practice, patient service and staff are paramount to a patient’s first impression of your brand. A positive online reputation can advance your prospect along his or her journey from a lead to a paying patient. On the other hand, having a poor online reputation will hurt your bottom line.

How to Build an Online Reputation?

One of the most significant aspects of managing a positive online reputation is gathering positive online reviews.

We know how hard it can be to collect patient reviews, especially positive ones. Even if your practice is offering exceptional services, it can still sometimes be challenging to capture positive experiences and share them as reviews. This is where we come in.

We will not only help your audiology practice gain more reviews across multiple platforms but also help you make the most of those reviews by improving their visibility across search engines. The best part is, our experts will manage end-to-end reputation management for hearing services practices on an ongoing basis, with very little time and effort needed from you. Our experts will build your online reputation from scratch or even repair it if you are facing problems with negative reviews.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our online reputation experts will put together a thorough plan to make sure your online reputation is flawless and is shown in the brightest light possible. We will dive deeper into your website, social media profiles and third-party review platforms and put together a custom online reputation management solution for hearing services that helps:

  • Mitigate negative reviews
  • Gain positive reviews
  • Strengthen online presence and reach

At myPracticeReputation, we are dedicated to helping audiologists build brand awareness and credibility through positive patient reviews.

Your online reputation is essential, so make sure you are working with an online reputation management agency for hearing services practices that is committed to building a difference.

Take control of your online reputation and attract more patients to your hearing services practice.

Is your reputation at risk? Find out now by completing the form to the right and requesting your free Online Reputation Assessment, which will include your online reputation score and covers popular review and rating sites.