The reputation of medical doctors means a great deal to existing and potential patients, regardless of specialty. So it’s critical that your medical reputation management plan includes the right tool to monitor and manage your medical reputation as effectively as you manage and monitor your professional reputation in other media. Recent research has shown that your online reviews have a direct correlation to the number of new patients you are attracting to your practice.

With myPracticeReputation, you or your office staff can help stimulate and facilitate positive reviews while mitigating the effects of any negative online reviews. Negative reviews can cost you more than just your medical reputation. They can cost you your patients and your income.

With myPracticeReputation, you will see all of your reviews from over two dozen different patient review platforms, including some you may not even be aware of. You will receive an Online Reputation Score (A, B, C, D or F scoring) and learn how to resolve or mitigate any bad reviews without violating HIPAA policies.

Regardless of your specialty, you need a strategic action plan for medical online reputation management while you gain new patients, referrals and revenue.