Reputation Management for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a highly competitive specialty. Identifying and attracting high-paying cases is not an easy task. Merely having a website or a Facebook page for your physical therapy practice will not be enough. You will need a well-crafted and closely monitored physical therapy reputation management plan that will help you address your target audience at a more granular level.

The majority of patient experiences begin with an online search. So it’s essential for you to make a concerted effort to manage your online presence and reputation both in person (by ensuring an exceptional patient experience) and online (by monitoring online reviews). While you may not be able to prevent someone from sharing his or her less-than-positive experience of your physical therapy practice online, you can mitigate its impact on readers. With that in mind, here are some stats to show you the importance of online reputation management for physical therapy:

  • Over 80% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physical therapists.
  • Over 50% of patients use testimonials as the first step in finding a new physical therapist.
  • Almost 75% of patients trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.

No matter how hard you try to market your services, most patients will look up the online reviews and reputation of your physical therapy practice before choosing you over competitors. In addition to helping you acquire and retain patients, online reviews and ratings help set their expectations of the quality of care they will receive at your practice.

How Does myPracticeReputation Ensure Digital Reputation Management for Physical Therapy?

We understand you are working hard to build your reputation as a respected physical therapist. Still, if you fail to manage your online reviews and take control of your online reputation, it will impact your patient acquisition as well as retention efforts.

At myPracticeReputation, our biggest priority is to shatter the myth of the “one size fits all” approach to online business reputation management for physical therapy. We take the time to know your physical therapy practice, understand your strengths and weaknesses and come up with a customized digital reputation management plan for physical therapy that lets you put your best foot forward and reach the broader audience.

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