Reputation Management for Plastic Surgery Specialists

If you have been in plastic surgery the last few years, you have witnessed a major upheaval in the profession. Not long ago, you only had to compete with other plastic surgeons. Today, it’s ENTs, cosmetic ophthalmologists and a growing number of ob/gyns who are now offering medical spa services. Not to mention over-the-counter cosmetics that, while no match for the care you offer, lengthen the time between a prospect’s decision to look and feel better and the time it takes them to call – if they call at all.

You can use the power of the Internet, social media and online patient reviews to get the word out that choosy patient choose plastic surgeons to do cosmetic and esthetic procedures because of their specialized training and results. With myPracticeReputation, you can easily generate many positive patient reviews while you mitigate any negative patient reviews.

Is your reputation at risk? Find out now by completing the form at right and requesting your free Online Reputation Assessment, which will include your online reputation score and covers popular review and rating sites.