Top 10 Ways to Get Patients to Write Reviews for Your Medical Practice

Top 10 Ways to Get Patients to Write Reviews for Your Medical Practice
  1. Ask real patients for honest reviews: Real patient reviews are an easy way to improve your practice’s online reputation. Be sure not to ask staff, family or friends to post fake reviews, though. Fake online reviews, once identified, will damage your reputation.
  2. Be polite: When patients are happy with your service, ask them to write an online review of your practice. However, you should never pressure your patients to contribute if they are not willing or convinced. The most convenient time to request them for a review is at the end of their appointment at your office. Not all patients will be willing to write a review, but with consistent effort, you can grow the number of online patient reviews and enhance your ratings.
  3. Make it easy: Your patients are more likely to leave a review for your practice if the process is easy. You can consider providing a link about where to review your practice on business cards, on your practice website or at various places in your office.
  4. Address negative feedback: You will never have a 100 percent positive rating. There will be days when the staff is in a hurry, or when your appointments are running behind, or your patients are having a bad day. When you see an online review that is negative, you must follow up quickly. You should reach out to the patient, apologize for the unpleasant experience and offer to solve the problem. This will not only allow your practice to fix an issue but also shows that you are concerned about patients’ comforts.
  5. Don’t forget to follow up: Make a habit of sending a follow-up email to each patient after they leave your office and request them to write a review for your practice. In your follow-up emails, you should provide the link to sites where you want your patients to post feedback about your practice.
  6. Get listed on popular review sites: Make sure your practice is listed on popular review sites so that patients can find you and write their feedback. You must include links to the review sites on your practice website, as well.
  7. Deliver unmatched service: The best online reviews are usually the result of exceptional customer service. Be kind to your patients, and they will return the favor in the form of positive online reviews.
  8. Offer incentives for posting a review: Though it is not ethical to bribe a patient to post a review, you can show your appreciation for their efforts by offering them cash discounts on their next appointment. This may encourage your patients to post their feedback in exchange for a free checkup or discounts.
  9. Stay active on social media: Practices that maintain an active and positive presence on social media sites can gather more reviews than those that do not. That is why it is important for you to spend quality time on social media activities such as responding to comments posted by your patients and sharing informational articles.
  10. Involve your front-office staff: You should cultivate an environment in which your team feels responsible for enhancing your practice’s online reputation. You must train your team to respectfully ask patients to contribute online reviews.

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